Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mix N Chic Style Challenge

Hello, my lovely friends, this is a special post not for paper crafts. Recently I received an email from Holly Hughes, the community manager at, invited me to join their Mix N Chic Style Challenge. It sounded fun plus I've been a huge fan of shabby chic style, so I decided to join them.

Chairish is an online marketplace for vintage and used furniture. They believe that when it comes to decorating, the new look is all about creating a room that seamlessly blends a variety of styles. And shabby chic has continuously been a decor focus for the last 25 years when most styles go in an out of fashion. I love their spirit of the style mixing historical elements and modern interiors. 

I was sent a few images of shabby chic furniture and asked to design a mix styles room with some other pieces from the Shabby Chic selection at Chairish. 

I started this project by picking my favorite furniture on the list - a French Country Dresser, I love its beautiful color scheme and the gorgeous hand-painted floral design. 

French Country Dresser
Since Shabby Chic matches well with most styles, I selected some items with various styles from Chairish: two Steel Lunge Chairs, a round white table, Vintage French Champagne Crate and more. 

Large Round White Dining Table
Folk Art Pressed Welded Steel Lounge Chairs
Vintage French Champagne Crate

And some other items were selected from Polyvore: two pink rose triptych canvases, a folding wire basket, two modern curtain panels and more. 

Wall art
Small item storage
LJ Home Karma Faux Cotton Grommet Curtain Panel

Here is my style board for this Mix N Chic Style Challenge:

Shabby Chic Mix by Meihsia Liu

I've always enjoyed different styles of home decor so in this style board, I mix various elements of shabby chic, rustic and modern styles. By using contrast colors, I created a rhythm with eclectic style. 

I hope you enjoy my creation and get a chance to browse Chairish for all the beautiful stuff there. Thank you, Chairish for inviting me to join in this fun challenge.

To all my lovely blog friends, happy decorating!

Meihsia ^_^

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  1. Congrats! You've got such a great eye for design, love the mix of styles and how well everything looks together!