Thursday, June 18, 2015

Face Sketch and Drawing

I'd like to share two simple drawings WIP today. It's so hot now here in Dallas, I really wish I could have more time to stay home and paint. 

girl angel

For the first sketch on my  sketchbook, I drew a girl with a Chinese character tattoo on her arm. It means "angel". I really enjoy drawing long hair on every girl I create. 

For the second girl on the canvas paper, I colored it with watercolor that I purchased from Simon Says Stamp. I love love love the beautiful color scheme.

girl ballet

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I really appreciate all the old friends and new followers on my blog and Facebook page. Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. Have a wonderful day and happy drawing! 

Meihsia ^_^


  1. Gorgeous eyes! I love drawing long hair too - so pretty while not practical at all in real life!

  2. Oh Meihsia your portraits are always so detailed and gorgeous! A perfect name for your first sketch, and the second one is equally beautiful.

  3. your girls are beautiful ..... I love that blue sketch, wouldn't do anything else to it, it looks great just as it is ....

  4. I love your art, Meihsia. The long hair is so beautiful and I love the colour on your second study. Your work is perfection! xx

  5. So pretty. I love the flowing hair.

  6. Gorgeous both of them..and yes the colours are glorious!! So much talent here...stay cool!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Both beautiful! Keep stealing drawing time and one of these days you'll get a little more. :D

  8. I always follow your blog and I love your art work. I especially love the faces of the girls. Your drawings are gorgeous, I love them. Looking forward to more.
    Hugs Kelly

  9. Both are simply beautiful... Lovely tonal work

  10. You are truly amazing Meihsia. I love your skill of drawing and how you convey emotion and inspiration in each post you make. I love the idea of Asian tattoo. I have a friend that just a tattoo in brail. I'd never seen that before, but it was beautiful.
    Lisa x

  11. Just wonderful! Both so beautiful and so wonderful to see, thank you for linking and sharing to Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx